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Eliminate Subluxation in the Spine

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Peak State Wellness

Chiropractic is the practice of the art and science of identifying and eliminating subluxation of the spine.  Subluxation occurs when the the spine is not functioning properly and is interfering with the nervous system's ability to properly manage the rest of the body.



Anyone with a spine!

Life is full of stressors, physical, chemical, and emotional.  From birth and throughout life the spine will adapt to those stressors by going into a state of subluxation.  Getting adjusted frees up the body to self heal and self regulate as it's designed to.  People who use chiropractic as their primary source of healthcare will spend a fraction of what the average person spends on healthcare.



Health Begins Here

Getting your spine adjusted should be like working on your car, something you do periodically depending on how you use your body. Our objective with your patients is to teach them to use their body correctly, not ride the breaks or rev the engine too much, so that they don't need to get adjusted as often. If you want to come get adjusted once a week for the rest of your life you can, or we'll teach you how to move, breathe, and eat so that you're in control of your health.

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