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Manage Stress to Manage Health


Your employees are missing work, losing focus while at work, and not being their best selves because stress is killing them (slowly). That’s where we come in. Peak State Wellness offers a variety of services and the positive reinforcement needed, so that you your staff can better manage their stress, be healthier, more productive, and more happy. The best part is that it's all upside for the company.  Our Lunch and Learns are paid for by sponsors as part of their community outreach programs.  Please contact us with any questions or to schedule your event.



Dr. Jared Young

Dr Young is an energetic, engaging speaker who will not only educate your staff on the "Why" and "How" to manage the stress response, but will empower them start to take control of their health immediately.



Manage Stress to Manage Health

We will discuss the difference between "stressors" and "stress".  In the context of our discussion the former is largely out of our control while managing the latter will optimize health to allow for an immediate increase in quality of life and likely an increase in longevity as well.



Sponsor Provided Lunch

One of the greatest "stressors" of modern life is the food we eat.  We will provide food for groups of up to 20 at a time from a healthy option close to your office.

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