Patient Testimonials

Mikey, 43

Lost 35 Pounds!


Mikey began the re:Define program on March 25th, 2020. Ending the program on April 19th, he lost a total of 35 pounds! Mikey loves that you “don’t have to do any drastic exercise programs to make the change, you simply have to follow the program as outlined.” He says that this is a key factor when he recommends the program to friends, he raves about how it is more than a diet, it is a lifestyle shift. He acknowledged that the first week is difficult and “your body begins craving all the foods you cannot have, and this causes headaches and mood swings. But then it’s like a switch flipped over night and you feel great, you have tons of energy, you stop craving the things you thought you needed before and the change in your relationship with food is a complete transformation.” Mike is in the maintenance stages of the program and says he is still actively losing weight.

Adrianne, 46

Lost 70 Pounds!


Adrianne’s first experiences with re:Define began around 4 years ago, in 2016. Starting at 263 lbs, she was able to get down to 183 lbs after 3 cycles. As a diabetic, she said the fist cycle was frustrating because of all the water retention she experienced. She was only able to lose around 15 lbs, so she tried again. The second time around, she lost 30 more lbs and was able to maintain this weight. The third round got her down to the 70 lb mark and she has been able to maintain this weight for four years! Before the diet, she ate whatever whenever and now she says that re:Defined “changed my way of eating completely to clean eating. It’s clean, it's delicious, and it helps keep the weight off.” She was even able to get off her insulin for a while until genetics kicked back in. She recommends re:Define to friends because “you lose weight rapidly, it teaches you how to eat, it detoxes your body so your skin looks good, your gut gets healthier, and you just feel good about yourself and your body.” She says that she would definitely do this program again but hopes with everything she’s learned from it that she doesn’t have to.