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Healthy = Productive


Cost of healthcare is second only to payroll for most companies, but it doesn't have to be that way.  The majority of claims made against insurance policies are avoidable.  For most companies with primarily office workers it's hypertension, diabetes, chronic pain, and chronic anxiety that make the majority of claims.  All of these conditions can be drastically improved or eliminated by taking control of the stress response.  We offer a corporate wellness solution that is adaptable to any company with 10-1000 employees and can fit into any budget.



The Chiropractic Adjustment is the center of all chiropractic treatments.  The objective of the adjustment is to eliminate barriers to communication within the body, specifically between the central and peripheral nervous systems.  As nerves transition through the spinal column, any mal-position or restriction in the movement of the vertebra will interfere with communication within the body.  


Specifically, when a nerve fiber has it's physical state change in any way an impulse is initiated that goes to the end of the fiber and stimulates whatever is at the end.  The sympathetic nervous system is managed primarily between T1 and L2.  When these nerves are stimulated the sympathetic response is initiated.  A malpositioned spine will stimulate these nerves resulting in a constant and chronic stress response which in turn will always result in compromised health.


Our clinical objective is to eliminate chronic stress in the body and empower our patients to be able to take control of stress in their body. 

Peak State Wellness offers a series of Lunch and Learn Workshops that will educate and empower your staff to take control of their stress response.