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The Healthy Path


Dr. Jared Young, D.C., graduated from The University of Texas, with a Bachelors in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Health Promotion and Fitness. He later graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles as a Doctor of Chiropractic.


While studying movement of the human body at UT, he recognized the importance and value of maintaining spinal integrity in all phases of life. During chiropractic college at Cleveland in Los Angeles the clear focus was optimal spinal function. He further cultivated his understanding of the importance of maintaining optimal function of all of the systems of the body in order to allow the body’s natural adaptive and reparative functions to operate. The result is a clinical philosophy founded in the principal that all disease is caused by either physical, emotional, or chemical stress. When the body is subjected to excessive stress simultaneously and is unable to adapt appropriately, the result is pain and disease.


Peak State Wellness was founded by Dr. Young in order to offer more people his approach to healthcare, which is to reduce and, where possible, eliminate as many stressors as possible while at the same time restore the body’s proper function in order to make it more adaptive to the unavoidable stressors of life. Once achieved, the body is able to self heal and self regulate as it has been designed to do. The Peak State Wellness model uses chiropractic, physiotherapy, neurological stimulation, medical treatments, exercise, and nutritional counseling in order to accomplish this objective.



The Chiropractic Adjustment is the center of all chiropractic treatments.  The objective of the adjustment is to eliminate barriers to communication within the body, specifically between the central and peripheral nervous systems.  As nerves transition through the spinal column, any mal-position or restriction in the movement of the vertebra will interfere with communication within the body.  


Specifically, when a nerve fiber has it's physical state change in any way an impulse is initiated that goes to the end of the fiber and stimulates whatever is at the end.  The sympathetic nervous system is managed primarily between T1 and L2.  When these nerves are stimulated the sympathetic response is initiated.  A malpositioned spine will stimulate these nerves resulting in a constant and chronic stress response which in turn will always result in compromised health.


Our clinical objective is to eliminate chronic stress in the body and empower our patients to be able to take control of stress in their body. 


Posture is trained, you can't think about it all the time.

Having good posture is much more important that most people think.  Poor Posture results in an over activation of the sympathetic nervous system (Fight or Flight), which over rides the parasympathetic nervous system (Rest and Digest).  If your body is in a constant state of "Fight of Flight" it never has the chance to fully recover and self heal the way that it's supposed to.  An integral part of our treatment program is to train our patients with exercise that promote the strengthening of the right muscles in the right patterns so that a neutral posture becomes the new "normal".  This puts the body into a position to have an opportunity to turn off the stress response and allow for healing and recuperation to happen.



Myofacial Release and Neuromuscular Recalibration

We live an unnatural world. As a result our bodies are constantly being place into positions that they were not designed to spend a lot of time in, sitting for example.  As a result, muscles will shorten and tighten into patterns that result in stress on the joints and nervous system.  When muscles are chronically tight the fascia surrounding them and associating them with the other muscles in the body will also tighten which results in additional trauma throughout the body.  

At Peak State Wellness we employ traditional techniques for releasing tension in fascia, and putting the muscles into a position to be more effectively retrained.  We then use proprietary techniques for stimulating the neurological system to more quickly accept a corrected muscle memory pattern.  Correcting the movement patterns alleviates that strain that is often the root cause of a lot of the pain that bring people to our office. 

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